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Love Out Loud Kinetic Typography

This video was done as a component to my senior project, the creation of campaign to raise awareness for suicide and depression, called Love Out Loud. I wrote and produced this video using Adobe After Effects, and showed it at the beginning of our awareness concert.

Eco Fashion Show

This video was created to document my friend Shirin's senior project - an eco-friendly fashion show. This was a lot of fun and gave me the experience of videoing a fashion show.

Bagel Stop Motion Video

I produced this video with the desire to learn stop-motion, and it turned into one of my favorite projects. What started as an idea about a bagel saving its "other half" became an incredible learning experience!

Valentine's Day Video

Just a fun little video I did to celebrate the holiday! For this project, I had to put my tripod on a bench, then tip my camera down toward the whiteboard, while also making sure not to block the light. Definitely worth the effort!

Jackie & Ryan's Save the Date Video

This is a Save the Date video I produced for one of my good friends, integrating she and her fiance's story and personality into the video. We had a lot of fun, and I got to explore pixelation - stop motion animation of people!